Childbirth Classes

Games and Activities

The guidebook comes with several activites and suggests several other games and labor rehearsals that you can purchase. Find out more about the companion game sets here.

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Natural Childbirth Curriculum

Informed Decision Making

Our curriculum has a major focus on informed decision making and empowers birthing families with the knowledge they require to support their birth plan.

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Natural childbirth curriculum

Doula Friendly

Our curriculum supports the use of a doula and discusses all birth types, hospital birth, cesarean birth, homebirth, and more.

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15 Years of Evidence Based Teaching

The team behind Natural Childbirth Curriculum has been teaching it since 2007 to families all across the southeast. The curriculum was written by former Bradley Method teachers and contributed to by teachers certified by Lamaze and other organizations.

The curriculum is not a specific method. It incorporates many techniques from all birthing methods. It is centered on evidence based information and informed decision making. It empowers birthing families to make the decisions that are best for them.

The Natural Childbirth Curriculum has 2 parts, a 160+ page teacher guidebook, which includes all the information required to teach the class. There are also 70 page student guidebooks available to purchase and provide to your students.

Included with the curriculum are many suggestions for videos and activities. There is a companion activity set which can be purchased here, which includes many suggested exercises and 2 labor rehearsals. There are handouts included at the back of the book which can be photocopied and given to students.

Links to videos and suggested materials can be found here.

Natural Birth Curriculum


We usually charge each couple $350 to teach them this comprehensive course. You can make back your $350 investment in the Curriculum and Activity Pack by just teaching a single couple.

We have no hidden fees or renewals required. Once you own it, you can teach it forever with no additional fees.

Student companion guidebooks are available for purchase at $9.99 each. See the curriculum page to purchase.

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Support is available

If you ever need help with or have questions about the curriculum, you can always reach out to us at We are also available for phone consultations or video calls for our customers or potential customers. We want you to be successful.