Teacher Guidebook

This is the central portion of the curriculum, essential for teaching the class. It has everything you need to teach a comprehensive, evidence based childbirth class.

Student Guidebook

With this companion in hand, your students will have everything they need to participate in your class. It can be a great resource for them to take to their birth location as well.

Games and Activities

This optional Childbirth Education games and activities pack is highly recommended for an interactive class. It has activities that foster great discussion, as well as review games for your students.

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Game and Activity Pack

Labor Overview Game

For Canada Residents

You can purchase from Amazon.ca

Teacher Guidebook: https://www.amazon.ca/Natural-Childbirth-Curriculum-Teacher-Guidebook/dp/B086FKDL4M/

Student Guidebook: https://www.amazon.ca/Natural-Childbirth-Curriculum-Student-Guidebook/dp/B086B9N47J/

For UK Residents

You can purchase from Amazon.co.uk

Teacher Guidebook: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Natural-Childbirth-Curriculum-Teacher-Guidebook/dp/B086FKDL4M/

Student Guidebook: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Natural-Childbirth-Curriculum-Student-Guidebook/dp/B086B9N47J/

For other countries

You can either visit your Amazon site and search for Natural Childbirth Curriculum, or contact us for direct links.

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